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Maybe you’re at home lying down on your bed with a mobile phone on one hand. Maybe you’re in your office and your task is making you feel like your brain is a piece of nonfunctional organ so you’ve decided to browse on your laptop and you’ve ended up reading this. Maybe you’ve been living your life for thirty years and all you did was study and work. I’m going to tell you this: There’s nothing wrong with that.


But there’s nothing right with being stagnant as well. Taking risk is crucial. Some people are scared to step one foot outside the line. But the thing is, you’ll never know what’s up ahead if you’ll keep on staring at what’s in front of you.

So what am I trying to point out here? Get out of your comfort zone, man. Or woman. Whatever. Just do what you think that will enhance your personality as a person. Experience the things that will empower you as what you are. Create memories that will last forever.

Go out and travel.


Because traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Because going to different places will tire your legs but not your eyes.

Because stepping on a dirty mud will ruin your shoes but not your vibe.

Because wonderful people await you abroad and obviously, not everyone is wonderful.

Because white-sand beaches and pristine waters are so ready for your next photo opt.

Because sunsets are better to be witnessed by the sea or up on the mountain hill.

Because lying on the road on a sunny day is sometimes all you need to see the invisible rainbow behind the clouds.

Think about this: When you travel, you just don’t gain multiple Instagram-worthy photos.

You also gain knowledge about other’s perspective.

You learn how fast the world is revolving yet no one notices.

You appreciate how valuable one dollar is.

You start to like the taste of a local coffee.

And most especially, you’ll learn to love your life because travel is more than the word itself. It’s more of self-discovery and life appreciation.

As how millennials put it, YOLO– You only live once. If not now, then when?


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